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Direct links to StructionSite from Procore
Direct links to StructionSite from Procore

How to add direct links to a StructionSite project or drawing from your Procore Homepage

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Once you've started implementing StructionSite, you may be looking forward to getting all of your Procore users on board with accessing the virtual jobsite!

One easy way to get Procore users into StructionSite straight from within Procore, without needing your users needing to memorize another internet address, is to simply link to StructionSite from the homepage. You can do this in two ways:
-Create a single link to get into an entire StructionSite project
-Link to specific drawings within StructionSite

To add a link to a page, such as StructionSite, from your Procore homepage, do the following:

  1. Click on "+New" in the Project Links area on the right side of the page as soon as you enter your Procore Project

2. You will then enter your StructionSite link here.

To link to an entire StructionSite Project: 

  1.  Go to your project on

  2. Select your project from the drop down list (if you're already in your project, select it again so that you get the special link to appear).

  3. Copy this link. It should say[PROJECT NUMBER HERE]

To link to a specific StructionSite drawing, simply click on a drawing within StructionSite, and copy the link. It will contain an additional number at the end.[PROJECT #]/[DRAWING #]

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