• Sync your project to your device before going out to field (actually open up the project).
  • Set up your tags before capturing. It's easier to tag while capturing then it is after the fact.
  • Make sure both your camera and mobile device is fully charged before going out to the field.
  • Ensure you have sufficient space available on your SD card/camera's internal storage.
  • Know how to connect your camera ahead of time. 
  • Make sure your gloves are touchscreen-sensitive ( you will be using your mobile
  • Avoid capturing by simply holding in your hand. We recommend using a monopod setup. (See our Recommended Hardware gear article here!)
    On a similar note, make sure the camera is level and not moving while capturing. This almost always results in sub-par images. 
  • Use artificial light when needed. ( See our blog post write up)
  • Use progress mode when going back to the same area. It's can get messy quick! 
  • If capturing exterior, roof, or if you're still in the dirt, calibrate your GPS to easily track your photos positions. (How to article here.)
  • Makes sure to sync you photos as soon as you're back on stable WiFi. We don't want you to lose all of your photos. 
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