We Currently Support the Following Devices:

For 360 Photos & VideoWalk™

  • Insta360 One X 
  • Garmin VIRB 360

For 360 Photos Only:

  • Ricoh Theta V/S/SC
  • Aleta S2C
  • LG 360

The images below show two different set ups. One with a monopod/selfie stick, another with a hardhat mount (only recommend with the Insta360 camera). Here is an article that compares the different options: https://structionsite.com/blog/hardhat-vs-monopod/.

Hardhat Mount Setup:

Monopod Setup:

External lighting is very important for either set up. Note: The hardhat halo light can also be used with a monopod setup in the case you do not have a R-PAL light to attached to the monopod.

Notice we recommend keeping the monopod close to you and ensuring the camera is above your hardhat with an unobstructed field of view. With the monopod, we recommended the use of a phone/tablet holder connected directly to the monopod making it a single unit and much easier to traverse through a busy jobsite. 


Hardhat Accessories: 

Monopod Accessories:


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