On any given project, it's important to give different users different sets of permissions for the following reasons:
-Potential security requirements - for example, you may not want just anyone to add other users to a project who are not authorized
-Organization - you don't necessarily want people to be adding their own set of drawings/notes

The differences between the different permission levels are the following:

-Can add, change, or remove drawings
-Can add, or remove users
-Can add, or remove photos
-Can add, or remove notes/chats
-Share and download photos
-Can change project information (initiate integrations, sync, etc.)
-Can export PDFs
-Can add project-level tags
-Can enable-disable project-level security options (public encrypted links, etc)

-Can add photos. Cannot remove any photos except the ones they've taken themselves (if they've made mistakes)
-Can share and download photos
-Can view drawings, but cannot change/remove them
-Can add notes/chats (i.e. "collaborate")
-Can view who else is part of a project team, but cannot add/modify users
-Can export PDFs
-Can add existing tags to existing photos, as long as the tag has already been created for the project by an administrator

View-Only (available in Project or Company plans only)
-Can ONLY view drawings/photos
-Cannot add/change/remove photos or drawings
-Cannot see who else is on the team
-Cannot share, download, or export photos
-Cannot export PDFs
-Cannot edit any project information

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