Bulk-Add users from CSV or email list

Copy/paste or import a bunch of emails from a CSV file to quickly add team members to StructionSite!

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Sometimes, you may have access to a CSV file export, or have a bunch of emails from outlook that you'd like to quickly add into StructionSite without having to manually add each of these users one-by one. 

  1. On the web app, go to the "Team" section on the left, then click "+Add User" on the top right of the screen 

2. Open up the CSV file in excel (or, if your contacts are in Outlook, export those contacts into CSV format).

Copy all of the emails in Excel

3. In the "Add Users" popup, copy and paste the email addresses in the email address field, then hit ENTER and you'll see all of them appear for adding

4. Select the permission type, and you're done!

Note: This will also work if the emails are not in CSV form, but if spaced by commas or semi-colons. This will NOT work if you copy/paste directly from a CC line in Outlook, as that may contain some <names> that the field won't recognize (unless you remove those from the list), hence why we recommend the CSV method. 

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