1. Choose a drawing that you'd like to align to GPS
  2. On the bottom right corner while viewing a drawing, click on the "GPS" button, located right above the tagging mode button. 

3. Enable location services, and enable GPS tracking

4. Begin the alignment process to your current location on google maps. You will automatically be transported to your current location in google maps (so it's easiest to do this when you're on/near the jobsite). Change the transparency as needed to make sure that you can see both the drawing and the satellite imagery at the same time. (note: If you'd prefer to use a regular map, tap the "map mode" button on the top right of the screen to change to map mode)

5. Using 2 fingers, Pinch/Zoom to match the drawing, in terms of rotation and size, to the map.

Note: If the drawing shows an area that is too small such that you can't zoom far enough to align the building to the map properly, then tap the earth icon on the top right and switch to "map" mode to turn off the satellite image, and try to align that way. If this still doesn't align, then please try to utilize a different floorplan that shows a larger area, because it seems that the GPS accuracy is likely to be exceeded with such a small area.

6. When you are satisfied with the alignment, tap "Done Calibrating".

7. You will be returned back to the drawing. If you are out on the jobsite and within the boundaries of the drawing, you should be able to see your location on the drawing, as well as current heading. You can use this to assist you (and anyone else on the team who has the mobile app) on taking photos out on site!

8. You may toggle GPS tracking on/off by tapping on the GPS button. When you toggle it on, you will jump to the current GPS location (if you’re zoomed in

9. If you need to re-calibrate for any reason, you can do so by tapping the settings button (while viewing a drawing), and choosing "Tracking Calibration"

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