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Enabling GPS tracking on a drawing
Enabling GPS tracking on a drawing

Align your drawing to google maps so that you can track your movement on a drawing as you walk around the jobsite!

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1. Choose a drawing that you'd like to align to GPS

2. On the bottom right corner while viewing a drawing, click on the menu button.

3. Navigate to "Capture Settings" then the "Tracking Calibration" button.

4. Ensure "GPS Tracking" is toggled on. Then select the "Calibrate Drawing" button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Follow the on screen prompts to align your drawing overtop of the map view. The larger slider bar changes the transparency, and the smaller bar adjusts the scale of your drawing relative to the map. You can also user your fingers to manipulate the location and orientation of the drawing on the map.

6. When you are satisfied with the alignment, tap "Done Calibrating".

7. You will be returned back to the drawing. If you are out on the jobsite and within the boundaries of the drawing, you should be able to see your location on the drawing, as well as current heading. You can use this to assist you (and anyone else on the team who has the mobile app) on taking photos out on site!

8. You may toggle GPS tracking on/off by tapping on the GPS button. When you toggle it on, you will jump to the current GPS location (if you’re zoomed in

9. If you need to re-calibrate for any reason, you can do so by tapping the menu icon, then "Capture Settings", then "Tracking Settings" and follow the steps for Re-calibrate drawing.

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