You may have taken a lot of photos one day and forgot to tag them. Or maybe you didn't realize that you could tag photos in the first place, and have just realized the huge potential it can have for improving access to the right photos when using StructionSite.

No matter the reason, we have you covered - we allow you to bulk-add tags to all photos on PINs that you have made visible on a drawing, so that you don't have to go into each photo one-by-one to add the tag manually - this can save significant amounts of time, especially if you have hundreds - or potentially thousands - of photos that need tagging.


Warning: Although it's easy to bulk-add tags to photos, but you cannot bulk-remove tags at this time.

  1. Before bulk-adding tags to existing photos, filter visibility of the photos using a date range, photo type, and/or user, so that you're only bulk-adding tags to the photos you want. If a PIN that is visible happens to have multiple photos attached to it,  the top photo will inherit the tag.

2. Activate the "Tags" tab at the top right of the screen while viewing a floorplan. 

3. In the "Manage Tags" section, click on the icon next to the tag that you want to bulk-apply to everything that is visible. 

4. Click yes on the confirmation window, and wait a few seconds for the photos to get the tags applied. Once finished, check a few photos to make sure that you've tagged the right ones and are good to go!

Note: If a PIN is shown that has multiple photos on it, only the latest photo will inherit the tag. If you want all photos in those pins to inherit the tag for some reason, you'd need to filter by date and repeat bulk-adding for each set of photos. 

Note 2: All pins shown on the drawing will inherit the tag, regardless of the zoom level

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