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What is StructionSite?
What is StructionSite?
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Glad you asked! StructionSite lets builders verify work put in place by using 360 cameras to rapidly digitize the jobsite. We create structure and organization around your existing progress documentation process, then, kick it up a notch using 360 photos and video that capture all directions at once. We turn one site walk with the StructionSite app into an immersive digital jobsite. Project teams are getting huge value from StructionSite because they can do all this from their computer or mobile device:

  • Verify work in place for progress billings

  • 'Walk the job' during a coordination meeting in the trailer or back at the office

  • Update the project schedule

  • Review issues and travel back in time to previous dates

For owners, StructionSite adds a ton of value when you hand over your as-builts. With our x-ray vision feature, facility managers can overlay in-wall, overhead, and in-slab photos on top of the real world to 'see through walls and slabs'.

Learn more and get the most up-to-date info at

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