Grouping Drawings by Folders
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The reason why you'd want to group drawings by areas is that you may have too many drawings for people to efficiently access. These could include the following use cases:

  • You're building a high-rise building with over 15 floors

  • You've got a building with a large footprint, and want to be able to capture photos on the floor sections (Section A, B, C, etc.)

  • You've got a project that has multiple buildings, and you need the same team to access all data

StructionSite makes it easier to organize these drawings by allowing you to group drawings by area. In other words, you can group drawings into folders for easier access.

On The Web

  1. To begin grouping drawings by area, click on the "Add Folder" button when in a drawing

2. Give your area a name, and select existing drawings to include with the creation of this area. If you have not yet uploaded any drawings, you may just click "+Add" and add drawings in later

3. You will now see a folder show up when you view drawings for a project, which represents the area; click the folder to view the drawings associated with that area.

4. You may hover over an area and click "Edit" to change the name of the area, or change what drawings are included within the area, at any time. If you delete the area, the drawings within the area will simply return back to the root folder (the drawings themselves will not be deleted.

Note: Changes here will be reflected for all users in the project, both web and mobile

Note: At the moment, you can only go down one level

On Mobile

1. On your list of drawings for a project, tap the "Add" button on the bottom right of the screen

2. Tap "Add Folder"

3. Give the folder a name at the top, and tap a drawing to include it with the new area to be created. When you're ready, tap Submit on the top right

4. You will now see the new folder that was created. If you need to change the name or contents of the area at any time, tap the "..." button on the top right of the folder cell.

All mobile devices and web team members will see the changes reflected.

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