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For those who have decided to take advantage of StructionSite’s effective enterprise plan, we have created a new type of super-user that:
-Allows for the creation of paid projects with unlimited users without requiring per-project approval by our staff!
-Access to an administrator dashboard to have full visibility and control over all of your company's projects to assist with rollout!

The way the enterprise administrator works is the following:

  1. You will let us know which people you want to designate as an "Enterprise Administrator", which can be any number of people. Typically, these people will be the trusted ones in your company who would be the main "point of contact" for the creation of new projects.

  2. A person that has been designated as the "Enterprise Administrator" simply has to create a new project (either on web or mobile), and that project will automatically be designated as paid. This means that the project can have an unlimited number of users, and people who join the project will automatically be labeled as a "Project Team Member" and will not receive email notifications that their trial is expiring.


  • You must first have an enterprise agreement with StructionSite. If you don't, please inquire with us at [email protected]

  • To double check to see if your account has the "Enterprise Administrator" status, go to your account page. You will see License Type: Enterprise

  • If you have a user in your company who is NOT an "Enterprise Administrator" and he/she creates a project, it will NOT automatically be designated as paid, and will be be subject to a trial. If the user is on a trial that has already expired, they will not be able to access the photos in the project. In these situation, you can convert the project to "Enterprise - Paid" from with in the Admin Dashboard

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