When you upload a VideoWalk path and we process the path, some additional manipulation of the path may be needed for the following reasons:
-Drift due to video blur, changing lighting conditions, or vibration
-Reflections (mirrors/windows, wet or super reflective floors)
-Start/end points might be too close together
-The path may be flipped

Best practice video here (recommended):

To begin adjusting the path: 

  1. Click anywhere along the path, and click "Adjust"
  1. If the shape of the path isn't even close to what you had walked, the path may be flipped. Click "flip" and try to see if the path makes much more sense that way. If the path seems to resemble the path you took in the field, then you do not need to click flip. 
  2. Adjust the start/end points by making sure you are in "Start/End" mode, and click/drag the start or end points into the right locations. You will notice that the path auto-adjusts based on the start-end points. Use this to your advantage to change the position and orientation of the path as much as possible. Try to "roughly" align it only, as you can fine-tune it even more with the scale option. 
  3. Click "scale" to begin stretching the path out/in to better fit what you had actually walked. Use the yellow adjuster bars to adjust the path. 
  4. Switch back and forth between Origin and Scale as needed. It may take a few tries and videowalks to fully get the hang of it. When you become proficient (have done at least a dozen VideoWalks), it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to fix. As time goes on, StructionSite will get smarter and smarter about the paths. 
  5. Node: Use this option if the path seems to drift. This will adjust the entire path to match a given point on the drawing.
  6. If you have some frames "jumping" into the wrong place, you can choose "Single" mode to move each individual frame into the right place. Note: This will be labor intensive
  7. Click "Save" to set the path. If you'd like to start over, click "Cancel" and refresh the page (note: the path will not revert back to it's original state unless you refresh)

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